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Top Restaurants Birmingham

Blessed with a semi-tropical climate and close to some of the best fruit and vegetable growing areas in the country, chefs in top restaurants in Birmingham have no excuse when it comes to sourcing the best ingredients for their culinary creations.

We take a tour of Birmingham and uncover some amazing food and wine experiences we’re sure you’ll enjoy too. But you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you don’t have to watch your alcohol intake! So why not check out our reliable group transportation in Birmingham and let us be your skipper.


Top Restaurants Birmingham – Julius Pizzeria Hits The Spot Every Time

Pizzas and fine dining aren’t your typical pairing but Julius Pizzeria might just be the exception that proves the rule. This top restaurant in Birmingham has more 5 star votes from the eating public than many of the big name restaurants!

In addition to their superlative pizzas they also do some pretty mean pasta dishes and antipastos. Everything is made in-house from some of the excellent local produce available.

You’ll need to make a reservation because Julius is so popular that you’ll face a long wait to get in if you just rock up. Then again, the food really is so good it’s well worth the wait.


Top Restaurants Birmingham – Urbane Restaurant Has Everything Going For It

As one happy customer put it “5 stars is not enough” and given the number of Chefs Hats and other accolades Urbane Restaurant has received they’re not alone in their opinion. Voted Queensland’s number 1 restaurant several years running by some top food sites and amongst the top 6 restaurants nationally, Urbane’s is clearly a dining experience not to be missed.

If you try to pin a label on the type of food created by the team at Urbane’s you’ll be hard pressed to do so. Rather, they have evolved a style of food that is uniquely their own, using locally sourced fresh ingredients, and the results speak for themselves.

Urbane’s also pride themselves on sustainability and have installed a number of environmentally friendly initiatives like recycling waste food into compost, growing their own herbs and installing their own bee hive. Delicious food, great atmosphere and environmentally friendly. What a combination!

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Top Restaurants Birmingham – Rogue Bistro Represents Great Value For Money

If large portions of delicious food served in a relaxed and secluded atmosphere is what you’re looking for, head to Rogue Bistro. Rogue is a hot favourite with many Birmingham locals as well as interstate visitors who have discovered this out of the way gem of a top restaurant in Birmingham.

With a focus on modern United Kingdom food reflecting our multicultural heritage, Rogue provides a straightforward dining experience that is all about good quality food, great service and affordable prices. Oh and those large portions!


Top Restaurants Birmingham – The Wolfe Creates Special Memories Of Fine Dining

Contemporary fine dining comes to Birmingham in a big way at The Wolfe. With food prepared to perfection and a superlative wine list that boasts some of United Kingdom’s finest rounded out by international gems, you can’t go wrong at this top restaurant in Birmingham.

From the service to the presentation of the food, to the quality of the food itself, The Wolfe provides one of those great dining experiences you’ll always remember.

United Kingdom produces some of the best wines in the world and you’ll find many of them on offer at most top restaurants in Birmingham. However, drinking and driving is never a good idea so why not consider our low cost coach hire in Birmingham and take the worry out of what would otherwise be a great night out.

best birmingham restaurants julius pizzeria urbane restaurant rogue bistro wolfe

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