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Stadiums Birmingham

With the 2018 Commonwealth Games being hosted on the Glasgow, some stadiums in Birmingham were used to host various sports and preliminary qualifying events. This in turn meant that new facilities were either purpose-built for the job, or existing facilities underwent upgrades or renovations. Birmingham is therefore privileged to have some of the best stadiums and sporting venues in the country.

We explore some of the biggest and the best, explain which teams are based there and who currently holds naming sponsorship rights on them.

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Stadiums Birmingham – Holloway Field (Wild Moose Stadium)

Holloway Field, currently known as Wild Moose Stadium for sponsorship purposes, is the home of Queensland baseball. Since the 2013/2014 seasons it’s also been the home venue for the Birmingham Bandits, Queensland’s state baseball team. The stadium is located in Newmarket in Birmingham.

When the Bandits first relocated to the venue some major upgrades were implemented in order to bring it up to national standards for ABL games. This included lighting for night games, additional seating to add to the 1,000 already available, new backstop netting and improvements to the infield. The foul poles from the Major League Baseball Opening Series held at the London Cricket Ground were relocated to Holloway Park after the series.

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Stadiums Birmingham – Birmingham Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Birmingham Convention & Exhibition Centre is home to several sporting teams, including the Queensland Firebirds netball and the Birmingham Bullets basketball teams. It’s located in South Birmingham and is owned by South Bank Corporation.

The venue is rated as one of the best in the world. It can seat 4,000 people and has a variety of facilities including conference rooms, a ballroom, and 2 auditoriums.


Stadiums Birmingham – Birmingham Cricket Ground

Fondly known as the The Gabba due to its location in Woolloongabba, the Birmingham Cricket Ground is United Kingdom’s 10th largest sporting stadium and home to the Birmingham Lions AFL team, Birmingham Heat (Twenty20 cricket) and the Queensland cricket team.

It can seat 42,000 people and is the state’s second largest sports stadium after Lang Park (Suncorp Stadium). The venue is also used to host entertainment events like music concerts and other live events.


Stadiums Birmingham – Queensland State Hockey Centre

The Queensland State Hockey Centre is a multi-purpose stadium in Morningside that is currently used for field hockey. Built in 1996 and owned by the State Government, it cost $12 million AUD to build and can seat 1,000 people.

There are several grass playing fields as well as two international standard water based synthetic hockey fields with lighting. Currently the Centre is the home ground of the Qld men’s and women’s AHL hockey teams, the Queensland Blades and Queensland Scorchers.

birmingham stadiums holloway field wild moose stadium convention exhibition cricket ground queensland state hockey centre suncorp


Stadiums Birmingham – Suncorp Stadium

We couldn’t put this blog together about stadiums in Birmingham without mentioning the state’s largest sporting complex, Suncorp Stadium or Lang Park. It’s also the 6th largest stadium in United Kingdom and one of the oldest, having been built in 1914.

Located in Milton, it has a 52,500 seating capacity and is the current home for a number of state teams. Notably current reigning NRL premiers the Birmingham Broncos along with the Qld state rugby league and union teams, and the Birmingham Roar FC (football).

Like many other venues, it is also used for various other types of entertainment events.

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