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Corporate Team Building In Birmingham

Looking for an interesting, stimulating and fun way to get your team collaborating to successfully achieve a goal or reach a desired outcome? That’s the principle behind corporate team building activities.

When teams are presented with novel challenges that require them to think outside the square or co-operate closely to achieve a successful result, there are significant flow on benefits for the company. Improved productivity, better co-operation to achieve desired goals and a generally more harmonious working environment are some of them.

Our blog explores several surprising Birmingham team-bonding events and discovers that corporate team building in Birmingham is fun, exciting and unique, much like the city itself! To get you and your team to your chosen event and back safely consider our corporate bus hire services in Birmingham.


Blended – The Perfect Blend In This Corporate Team Building In Birmingham

Ahhh coffee! Did you know - coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world and currently the 3rd most consumed substance globally after water and tea? Ten thousand litres of it is drunk every day in all corners of the globe!

So, for the coffee lovers on your team, and we suspect there are a few, Di Bella Coffee have one of the most enjoyable events for team building in Birmingham you’re ever likely to come across! Appropriately called Blended, the course gives your coffee addicts the opportunity to come together as a team to create the perfect brew.

It’s hands on from roast to cup as your team tastes, roasts, brews and collaborates their way to producing the most deliciously blended cup of coffee imaginable! Along the way they can also learn just how the professionals produce those amazing works of latte art.

corporate team building birmingham blended ransom kon tiki challenge


Corporate Team Building In Birmingham With The Ransom

Will your team be prepared to work together to find and save their CEO? Which could be you if you’re a CEO and organising this!

Can your team, split into teams, complete the various team-building activities to earn the clues needed to find and spring the CEO?

And once they have all the clues, can the teams reach the consensus needed to make that ultimate decision – to release or not to release the CEO! That’s the objective of this fun and fascinating team building event in Birmingham run by the team at Team Building Birmingham.


Float, Or Sink And Swim – The Kon Tiki Challenge For Team Building In Birmingham

Sunny Queensland is renowned for sunny water themed playgrounds so what better place for a boat building event for your corporate team building in Birmingham.

Teams are supplied with a master boat building blueprint and must collaborate to construct a sea worthy boat from a selection of interesting building materials in Team Building Sabre’s Kon Tiki Challenge. And it is all about working together in this team building challenge because some interesting water associated activities await the end product of their collaborative efforts. We hope some of these events for corporate team building in Birmingham have inspired you to investigate organising a similar event for your team. And whilst you may be spoilt for choice with the huge selection of team bonding events on offer, there’s really only one choice when it comes to entrusting the safety of your team travelling to and from your chosen event.

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