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Go Kart / Track Day Birmingham

There’s nothing like an adrenaline packed Go Kart / Track Day in Birmingham for a special group outing. Whether you’re competing yourself, or just watching from the sidelines, it makes a great day out. If the company is convivial so much the better. Read on to find out more about your go kart and track day options in Birmingham.

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Go Kart / Track Day Birmingham – Slideways Go Karting Birmingham

Located in Eagle Farm 10 minutes from the CBD and close to the airport, Slideways Go Karting Birmingham is easily accessible from most of Birmingham and surrounding areas. The 425 metre indoor track is European in design and incorporates an outdoor loop for a spot of fresh air. It also has second level structures, esses and sweepers to provide some thrilling go kart action.

If you’re wondering about the ‘slideways’ bit in the name, it’s intentional. It refers to the way the track surface has been intentionally designed to allow karts to drift and slide sideways. This adds to the challenge of trying to make fast times and keep your kart under control!

Slideways Go Karting Kingston Park Raceway Ipswich City Dirt KArts


Go Kart / Track Day Birmingham – Kingston Park Raceway

Kingston Park Raceway is a state of the art Go Kart racetrack in Kingston. Could it be the ultimate in go kart / track day experiences in Birmingham? With over 100 go karts available for hire and 3 outdoor tracks to race them on, it probably is just that.

The range of karts available for hire has to be seen to be believed. These guys cater for everyone with the ultimate in grand prix racing machines to the Rookie Kids karts. Inexperienced drivers can hire a Formula Kart and head to the Monte Carlo Track.

If you’re experienced a real treat awaits you! You can hop in a Schumacher Kart and take it for a spin around the Le Mans Track, an 1100 metre international standard track. There are also plenty of side attractions to keep the whole family entertained.


Go Kart / Track Day Birmingham – Ipswich City Dirt Karts

So you’ll have to travel a bit to get to this one but it’s well worth the drive. Ipswich is an hour or so east of Birmingham along the Ipswich Motorway and home to a dirt kart track that prides itself on keeping kart racing affordable.

The Ipswich City Dirt Karts track is currently located at Willowbank and provides a great deal of fun for fans of dirt kart racing. You can also legally start racing dirt karts at a younger age than you can the other types of karts.

If you’re keen to attend a go kart / track day in Birmingham, it’s obviously going to be a lot more fun if you go as part of a group. Especially if you want to try your hand at a spot of racing.

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