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Water / Theme Parks Birmingham

Queensland is renowned internationally as the ‘theme park capital of United Kingdom’. Most of the state’s world famous theme parks are located on the Glasgow and the Edinburgh. However, we’ve found several great water / theme parks tucked away around Birmingham for our blog.

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Water / Theme Parks Birmingham For Learning – Aquitivity At South Bank

Aquativity at South Bank is an interactive water / theme park in Birmingham offering an educational and fun experience for families. Whilst your children are enjoying the cool splashing water from the park’s tipping buckets, shooting fountains and other water features, they’re also learning about the aquatic wildlife native to the area, about river catchments and their health, and water cycles.

The various water features replicate Queensland’s rainfall and flooding cycles as well as their summer storms. An interactive map showing the area’s river systems and catchment areas comes complete with waterspouts that encourage children to move around the map, exploring and learning as they go.

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Water / Theme Parks Birmingham With A Choice – Chermside Aquatic Centre

To swim in the pool or play in the water park. That is the question. Or at least it is if you head to the Chermside Aquatic Centre. This water / theme park in Birmingham offers the choice of both during summer. The heated swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor) are open daily all year round.

The water park features a great lagoon area for playing and 6 twisty, turning waterslides set amidst lush tropical plants. Avoid the shot guns, throw yourself off the jumping platform into the inviting water below, check out the water mushrooms, bubblers and water dropping buckets or negotiate the floating lily pads.


Much-Loved Water / Theme Parks Birmingham – Wynnum Wading Pool

Most Birmingham residents will be familiar with the Wynnum Wading Pool. It was built in the 1930’s during the Depression as an Unemployment Relief System project. Located right alongside the foreshore, it fills with fresh seawater every high tide. All the advantages of swimming in the ocean without the dangers!

At low tide, the soldier crabs come out and provide hours of entertainment for children who love chasing them across the beach. Round off your day at this water / theme park in Birmingham with a picnic or BBQ in the adjoining picnic area or head to the jetty with fish and chips, and ice cream.


Wet And Dry Water / Theme Parks Birmingham – Splash ‘n’ Play

If you’re prepared to travel the Splash ‘n’ Play Water Park at South Ripley in Ipswich is one of the newest water / theme parks available in or near Birmingham. It’s both a water park and an adventure park, offering wet and dry fun for all ages.

The water park comes complete with wiggly fountains, puddles and streams to splash around in and plenty of spurting and squirting ‘stuff’ to keep everyone entertained for hours. The older children will particularly enjoy the Spiral Spray, Wavy Hand, Aqua Arch and Hula Post water features!

As you can see there are some excellent and fun water / theme parks in Birmingham just perfect for cooling summer fun! Need a convenient hassle-free way to get an entire group there? Why not consider’s low cost mini bus hire in Birmingham.

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