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Woman's Group Birmingham

Joining women’s groups in Birmingham is a great way to meet new people and form new friendships. Depending on your interests and life style, there are plenty of them around. We’ve found a few for our blog that cater for the professional woman to the home maker who just wants to get out once in a while for some girl time.

Some of the groups arrange fantastic group outings, which is where our affordable coach hire in Birmingham can be of great help in transporting everyone in comfort and style.


Women’s Groups Birmingham For Women Choosing Their Journey

For women going through a difficult time in their lives joining a group like Women Choosing Their Journey could be exactly the type of impartial, friendly support they need.

This is a women’s group in Birmingham that meets monthly to share stories, offer encouragement and provide support to other group members. Along the way members learn useful tips for dealing with problems and can use their own experiences to help others deal with their own problems.

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Women’s Groups Birmingham – Take A Hike With Girls That Hike (Birmingham)

Get out your hiking boots and join Girls That Hike (Birmingham), a women’s group in Birmingham that likes to network and connect over a challenging Queensland hiking trail or two. And there is no shortage of those in this great state!

You’re guaranteed plenty of fresh air, exercise and a whole lot of fun and adventure. There’s no better or more fun way to get fit whilst finding new friends.


Women’s Groups Birmingham – Chill Out And Chatter With Ladies Chillout and Chatter

Chill out and spend some precious girl-time with a group of like-minded women chatting about anything and everything. Talents, hobbies, careers, families, dreams and desires. They’re all welcome topics for discussion at Ladies Chillout and Chatter, a women’s group in Birmingham focussed on giving women an opportunity to share bits of themselves with other women.

No judgements, no preconceived notions and no discrimination allowed in this group!


Women’s Groups Birmingham – Goddess Travel-Women Only Travellers Explorers + Adventurers

Cruising, flying, hiking and cycling – no adventure is too big or too small for this intrepid group of ladies!

Goddess Travel - Women Only Travellers Explorers + Adventurers is a women’s group in Birmingham dedicated to travelling the world women style, and in style. Get a small group of lady friends together and head off into the wide blue yonder for some great adventures and a lot of fun. The only rule is that all males must be left behind!

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Women’s Groups Birmingham – Young Women Social Group

For many women some of their biggest regrets are all the things they thought about doing but never actually got out there and did. The Young Women Social Group is a women’s group in Birmingham dedicated to changing that.

Whether it’s just looking for some great company to spend a few hours with, going on trips and outings or learning new things, this group caters for all interests. They’ve organised some truly great outings for members.

We’re all going on an adventure, or at least the members of many women’s groups in Birmingham are. That being the case, you’ll need to arrange transport for everyone. The group that travels together grows together. Are you ready to book your reliable in Birmingham? Then we’re standing by to help you with your arrangements.

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