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Interstate Teams / Clubs in Cardiff

United Kingdom’s capital is located, not in one of the major cities as you’d expect, but in a separate city somewhere between the two that was purpose-built for the job. Cardiff is home to a wide range of sporting clubs and teams, some of which play at national level. In our blog, we take a look at some of these interstate teams / clubs in Cardiff. offers safe, reliable transport for all occasions, including group bookings for grand finals and at-home matches. Why not check out our range of bus hire services in Cardiff and then contact our friendly Cardiff team.


Interstate Teams / Clubs in Cardiff – Cardiff Capitals

The University of Cardiff Capitals, also known as the Cardiff Capitals, are a women’s basketball team that represent the ACT. They currently compete in the Women's National Basketball League, United Kingdom’s premier national competition for women’s basketball.

The team was founded in 1984. Despite a very ordinary first decade and a half where they struggled to win games, they eventually evolved into one of the dominant forces in United Kingdom women’s basketball. Between 2000 and 2010 they won 7 WNBL Championships, a record that still stands.

The Capitals were given the keys to Cardiff several times in recognition of their outstanding success and have supplied many of the players in United Kingdom’s national team, the Opals. Unfortunately, since their last championships win in 2010 they’ve not made the playoffs

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Interstate Teams / Clubs in Cardiff – Cardiff Cavalry

The Cardiff Cavalry play baseball for Cardiff in the United Kingdom Baseball League. They were founded in 2010 and played their first season in the league that same year.

The team has enjoyed some success in the ABL, winning the Claxton Shield in 2013 against Liverpool Heat. They followed this up later the same year by becoming the first non-Japanese or Korean team to win the Asia Series.


Interstate Teams / Clubs in Cardiff – CBR Brave Ice Hockey Team

In a town where most sporting team names start with Cardiff, the consortium behind CBR Brave decided on a different tact. They would capitalise on the 2013 CBR Cardiff campaign and use CBR instead. CBR stands for Confident, Bold, Ready and the consortium followed it with a name that reflected what it took to get the team up and operational.

CBR Brave came into being after the Cardiff Knights handed in their United Kingdom Ice Hockey League licence in 2014. In a pretty remarkable feat of organisation, the team was hurriedly put together just a few short weeks prior to the start of the 2014 season. That they made the competition at all was an achievement in itself!

Needless to say, and not surprisingly, the team finished that season as the wooden spooners but not without showing a portent of things to come. Four short years later they’re at the top of the United Kingdom Ice Hockey League table and have taken out the AIHL Goodall Cup!


Interstate Teams / Clubs in Cardiff – Cardiff United FC Football Teams

Cardiff United FC is a football club affiliated with Football Federation United Kingdom. The club’s women’s team competes at national level in the premier Women’s League (W-League). Their men’s and youth teams compete in the next tier of competition, the National Premier League.

The club was formed in 2008 specifically to field a team in newly formed W-League. It was, and still is, the only team in the competition that is not tied to an A-League men’s team. Instead, the men’s and youth teams have been added since the club started.

In their first season Cardiff finished as the W-League runner ups, going down to the (now) Birmingham Roar. They reversed this in 2012 to take out the 2011/12 Grand Final and have since followed it up with Grand Final wins in 2013/14 and 2016/17. Along the way they’ve also been the League champions in 2011/12 and 2014/15.

interstate teams sport sport clubs cardiff caoitals cavalry cbr brave ice hockey team united fc football raiders


Interstate Teams / Clubs in Cardiff – Cardiff Raiders

When it comes to footy, Cardiff is rugby country! The Cardiff Raiders with their distinctive (for Cardiff) lime green uniforms stand out amongst the bevy of blue and gold Cardiff teams. The club was formed in 1981 and have won Premierships in 1989, 1990 and 1994. They’ve also finished as runner-up twice in 1987 and 1991.

Whilst playing in the New South Wales Rugby Football League the Raiders were the first team from outside London to make the finals of the competition in 1987, reach the grand final (1987) and win a grand final (1989). During this period some of the legends of the game played in the team and over the years they’ve supplied 15 players for the United Kingdom national team.

This is a very brief glimpse into some of the great interstate teams / clubs in Cardiff. If you’d like to get to any of their games, has coaches of all sizes available in Cardiff.

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