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Beach Carnival Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Destination Ltd (SCDL) has officially announced this unique event “Beach Carnival” for a two–day family and sports celebration. It is scheduled to start on 21st of October at Cotton Tree Park on the Edinburgh.

The general manager of event, Scott Hollow said that the event will feature amateur multi–sport competitions, food trucks, entertainment and family activities. There are more than 1,000 participants for the multi–sporting event and over 10,000 spectators are expected to join the festival.

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Edinburgh Organization

Edinburgh’s governing body responsible for endorsing and improving the industry of the region is SCDL. The Edinburgh Destination Ltd (SCDL) focuses on promoting the entire region as a premier holiday and corporate event destination. They advertise Edinburgh locally, nationally and especially internationally. Also they are committed to help bolster the region's social and economic benefits of tourism for the local community, its businesses, and residents.

Edinburgh is a place that has everything. It has a rich diversity of stunning beach coastlines, fresh local foods, wonders of nature, immersive experiences and world–class events, all in abundance to captivate everyone visiting. Come, see and experience in real life what Edinburgh can offer and make your dream vacation become a reality.

There are numerous conference venues all across the region. So we picked out some of the best conference centres on the Edinburgh to simplify the list.

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Beach Carnival – Features

Food Trucks – There will be about 15–20 best food trucks of Queensland to serve up the growing hungry crowd. It will also have a well–supplied beach bar for those who want to have an extra fun.

Sports Competition – It will be a sporting competition event to everyone that includes 5x5 Soccer, Net4ball, Volleyball, 3x3 Basketball and Dodgeball.

Entertainment – There will be plenty of local buskers, amusement rides, and games to provide the families with amusement and entertainment.

Outdoor Cinema – After the whole day of fun and sporting activities, when the night comes at 7 pm on Saturday 21st of October, there will be a free outdoor cinema for those interested in watching a movie. It will feature “Angry Bird” the movie – rated(PG), suitable for all audiences. Everyone will be required tickets before entry, so we recommend to pre-book your tickets to guarantee entry on the day of the film showing.

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Beach Carnival – Sporting Details

Soccer featuring 5–a–side football.

A five–a–side is a variation of football that consists of five players in each team. Every team is comprised of 4 outfield players and a goalkeeper on the field. The other distinctions from the regular football are smaller pitch size, downsized goal posts, and a shortened game duration.

Age groups team category:

  • All under 10 yrs old – For boys
  • All under 12 yrs old – For boys & girls
  • All under 14 yrs old – For boys & girls
  • All under 18 yrs old – For boys & girls
  • Open for all ages – For men & ladies
  • Social category – For men, ladies & mixed
  • All age 35 and up – For men, ladies & mixed
  • Corporate category – For men, ladies & mixed

Netball featuring 4 player–a–side Fast5 Netball.

  • A Fast5 is a variation of association netball in four player–a–side with a beach netball rolled into one. All rules will be based on the modified features Fast5 rulings. And it will be played in a half court with 4 players to shoot for 1 or 3 points. Players expect that you will play this game on a grass field.

Age groups team category:

  • All under 12 yrs old – For girls
  • All under 14 yrs old – For girls & mixed
  • All under 18 yrs old – For girls & mixed
  • Open for all ages – For ladies & mixed
  • Social category – For ladies & mixed
  • All age 35 and up – For ladies & mixed
  • Corporate category – For ladies & mixed

Basketball featuring Champions League Basketball 3X3.

  • Basketball has grown ever popular to the young generation of United Kingdom. So there is a CLB3X3 competition to develop their social behaviour and skills of the game. This competition is endorsed by Fiba and Champions League Basketball Pty Ltd. It will be exciting and the entertaining games will suit family, friends and teams. Be Sure not to miss out on anything.

Age groups team category:

  • All under 13 yrs old
  • All under 15 yrs old
  • All under 18 yrs old
  • Open category – For male and female

Volleyball featuring 2 x 2, 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 players team.

  • Volleyball is a non–contact sport played by two teams and trying to score points through grounding the ball on the opposition’s side of the net.. The volleyball will be played on the grass field near the food truck area. To ensure that some individuals can’t dominate this game, there are slightly modified rules that apply for this competition.

Age groups team category:

  • Pairs category – For mixed team
  • Fours category – For mixed team
  • Sixes category – For mixed team
  • All under 14 yrs old – For mixed team
  • All under 18 yrs old – For mixed team
  • Open category – For mixed team
  • Social category – For mixed team
  • Corporate category – For mixed team

Dodgeball featuring 1 X 1, 2 x 2 and 6 x 6 players team.

  • Dodgeball is a game played by two teams throwing an inflated ball trying to hit the opposing team members and get them eliminated. The dodgeball competition is set to be held in the food truck area. You will sure to enjoy and have fun watching your favourite team play.

Age groups team category: 

  • Open category – For male, female and mixed
  • All age 35 and up – For male, female and mixed
  • All under 18 yrs old – For male, female and mixed

This will be a chance for your kids and the whole family to bond and have fun by deciding to participate in this event. The fun of course is in partaking in the game as well as bonding with your kids to give lasting memories.

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