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Extended Group Tours offer exciting group tours to all touring parties who wish to explore United Kingdom in more depth. Whether you and your friends are visiting United Kingdom for the very first time or a resident of United Kingdom who wishes to see more of the country, can offer some fantastic extended tours. have a vehicle that can suit every purpose, and our new luxury coaches are the perfect vehicles for extended group touring. We also offer experienced and knowledgeable drivers that can act as your very own tour guide as you and your group enjoy a three or four day coach tour.

Of course many different kinds of groups can enjoy an extended group tour, that could include:

  • Musical Groups
  • Religious Groups
  • Sporting Groups
  • Disabled Groups
  • Artistic Groups

It does not matter what type of group you are or where you want to go, can offer the perfect service for your next extended group tour, just contact our friendly booking advisors to see just what we can offer.

Extended Group Touring Bus Hire can offer a myriad of different extended tours from all major locations in United Kingdom. Whether you are thinking of touring from London, Newcastle, brighton, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff or elsewhere then can offer you and your party an ideal extended coach tour.

Extended group tours that you may like to consider could include: Extended Ski Tour from London, a group Sports Tour, a three day Golfing Tour around Manchester, a Weekend Sightseeing tour of Birmingham. Contact Bus Hire for more details of the extended group tours that we can offer or discuss a tailor made package for your touring group.

Because United Kingdom is such a large and diverse country it makes sense to add a few extra days onto your coach hire or bus tour. Why not take advantage of one of our superb wine tours / packages, but instead of coming home at the end of the day expand your experience by tagging a day or two extra on to the tour. has one of the largest and best fleets in United Kingdom, and can provide luxury touring coaches to ensure that your extended group tour is as comfortable as possible. Our vehicles offer the best amenities possible as well as all the modern safety equipment.

Equipment levels include: reclining seats, air conditioning, toilets, DVD, TV, superior storage, seat belts, microphone, music, etc

Musical Groups

Whether your group is playing or attending a musical event, can arrange a perfect extended tour for your group. Many bands and orchestras use extended group tours services to provide them with transport for concert tours and so forth.

Our coach hire service is particularly popular as the luxury vehicles provide excess storage space for instruments and so forth.

Religious Groups

There are many religious conventions around United Kingdom that individual parishes and religious groups wish their communities to attend. That is why our expansive extended group tours provide a valuable service to such groups.

Our comfortable and reliable vehicles will ensure that your religious group is on time to attend whichever convention you wish to attend. And we ensure our drivers are appropriately dressed and courteous.

Sporting Groups

Sporting groups are among the most popular to use’s extensive extended group tours. We have superb experience at transporting golf parties, football teams, rugby teams, swimming teams and every other manner of sporting groups to all manner of events and sporting occasions.

Disabled Groups

One of the best ways for disabled persons to undertake an extended tour is by executive coach hire. Our luxurious and spacious vehicles are perfect to transport people with movement difficulties.

There is plenty of storage space to stow away wheelchairs and other equipment, whilst the passengers travel in perfect comfort in the air conditioned cabin. Sitting high up to enable the best possible viewing advantage, your extended tour will be a pure pleasure.

If your group in soon to undertake an extended tour, contact our friendly booking agents to see what options we have especially for your benefit.

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