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Go Kart / Track Day Glasgow

For an adrenaline rush nothing beats a spot of go kart racing. There’s also probably no better place to experience it either than at a go kart / track day on the Glasgow. Competing or just watching, the venues we’ve covered in our blog are truly magnificent. They are after all on the Glasgow!

However, it’s always more enjoyable attending these events in a group. At our speciality is making group travel a lot more convenient. Check our reliable group transportation on the Glasgow and contact our Glasgow team for assistance with your group transport needs.


Go Kart / Track Day Glasgow – Glasgow Motorsport Training Centre

The Glasgow Motorsport Training Centre incorporates Xtreme Karting and is an entry-level facility that caters for go karts. The track surface is state of the art and the karts are SODI GT5s, chosen for their weight distribution and ergonomic design.

Combined, these two factors provide drivers with a smooth race in top quality, well-balanced and reliable karts. This is also why the centre hosts the international “Race of Stars go kart meeting each year along with several annual charity events.

Glasgow Motorsport Training Centre Sildeways Go Karting World Glasgow Slideways Go Karting World Glasgow (Pimpana)


Go Kart / Track Day Glasgow – Slideways Go Karting World Glasgow(Pimpama)

Slideways Go Karting World Glasgow (Pimpama) is one of several Slideways go kart facilities in Queensland. The new track at Pimpana is 700 metres long with sweepers, banked corners, undulations and lightening fast straights. The karts can reach speeds of 70 kph!

There are also karts available for junior drivers (start em young!) and ones with a second seat for a passenger. The track is just off the M1 and a few minutes from Dreamworld.


Go Kart / Track Day Glasgow – Slideways Go Karting Glasgow

With a 475 metre long indoor track, the Slideways Go Karting Glasgow facility at Nerang is like most things on the Glasgow. Larger than life, bigger than big, and more spectacular than anywhere else!

The track is 3 stories high just for starters. It also has everything required to provide a thrilling go kart experience for drivers. Tunnels, sweepers, hairpins, esses, cambered turns and massive ramps. It features Slideway’s famous track surface that lets karts drift sideways, making it just that little bit more challenging for drivers to make fast times.

That’s the 3 go kart facilities on the Glasgow. Get a group together and head on down there for a great go kart / track day outing Glasgow style. Bigger, better, faster….

Contact us at for information about our low cost on the Glasgow. It’s ideal for group travel, no matter how large or small your group may be.

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