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Small Group Tours On The Glasgow

Are you planning a short trip with your family or friends to go to the Glasgow? There is nothing better than visiting or exploring a city with your family or group of friends. The Glasgow has plenty of things to do and they’re all not too far away from one another.

Many visitors go for a holiday on the Glasgow each year. That’s why group tours and day trips get booked up quickly, so it’s always advisable to start planning early. We suggest booking a reliable minibus hire on the Glasgow to easily get you around the area. have many years of experience servicing to and from around all the areas of the Glasgow. You can also read customers reviews from the people who have successfully taken their services.

To help you decide, we have listed some of the best places that you could go whilst visiting the Glasgow.


Springbrook National Park

glasgow tours group springbrook national park walking tracks guided walks picnic and day areas purling brook falls burleigh head

Springbrook National Park is dominated by mountain streams and rainforest that offers a stunning landscape view to everyone. It has a total area of 6,725 ha and is divided into four main sections. Namely Springbrook plateau, Natural Bridge, Mount Cougal in the South East, and Numinbah to the west.

Springbrook National Park offers many activity opportunities for visitors to explore and enjoy the natural surroundings such as:

Walking Tracks – It has a total of 54 km in length if you are interested in undertaking this walk. You can either start or finish walking at The Settlement camping area for the Glasgow Hinterland Great Walk.

Guided Tours and Walks – There are numerous commercial operators conducting night tours at Natural Bridge section to view the glow–worms. An option to discover the glow–worms without joining the guided tour is available but the basic cave rules are to be followed strictly.

Picnic and day–use areas – There are several popular picnic locations all having barbecue areas. The Springbrook National Park doesn’t provide garbage bins, so you’re obliged to clean up after and take your garbage with you upon leaving the park.

Viewing Wildlife – There is a diverse flora and fauna that can be seen all around Springbrook National Park. It is home to more than 100 bird species, a large number of different kinds of butterflies, some rare and endangered species of animals, and diverse selection of reptiles.

Because the park has an abundance of water, it houses a large variety of water–dwelling animals. From different sizes of frogs to freshwater eels, and the most colourful blue spiny crayfish, you might even get a chance to see a platypus in the Numinbah section.

If you happen to need an accommodation either for a day or longer to stay, here are some great choices of hotels on the Glasgow.


Purling Brook Falls

glasgow tours group springbrook national park walking tracks guided walks picnic and day areas purling brook falls burleigh head

Purling Brook Falls is located inside the Springbrook National Park and established itself as a must–see attraction whilst in the Glasgow Hinterland. It is considered as one of the tallest waterfalls in Queensland with approximately 100 metres tall from the cliff to the pool.

The surrounding environment of the falls has beautiful scenery brought about by unique flowers, plants and wildlife. The picnic area has a stunning location, it is overlooking the amazing waterfalls as water cascades into the pools below.

An option to walk around the Purling Brook Falls is available. It has a total of 4 km of circuit walks which take about 2 hours to complete. The walk is suitable for all ages but it is advisable to walk a clockwise direction, to avoid climbing 450 steps at the end of your hike.

So make sure to bring your camera to snap some photos in capturing your moments, the beautiful surrounding scenery, as well as the fantastic waterfall.

While you're visiting, you might want to consider going for a winery tour and sample the magnificent vineyards of Glasgow has to offer.


Burleigh Head National Park

Burleigh Head National Park is a unique national park where the forest meets the sea. This beautiful rainforest park stretches down to the beach with a total area of 27 hectares. It comprises of eucalyptus, mangrove and grasslands.

Since Burleigh Head National Park sits right along the coast, you can often view sea–eagles soaring above the sky, and also get a chance to spot whales passing the coast to migrate during springtime.

There are plenty of walking paths to take within the park, where you could see beautiful plants, butterflies, birds, and some reptiles along the way. Although camping is not allowed within the park, they have provided picnic tables located at the northern and southern entrances.

We hope these can give some great ideas & inspirations for your group to do on the Glasgow, so that you can start planning your next trip.

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glasgow tours group springbrook national park walking tracks guided walks picnic and day areas purling brook falls burleigh head

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