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Water / Theme Parks Glasgow

When it comes to water / theme parks no one has been doing it for longer than the Glasgow, home to some of United Kingdom’s first and biggest theme parks. We all know about Dreamworld, Sea World, Movie World and the other big names in theme parks so we thought we’d find a few different ones for our blog.

Make sure you get a group going to these parks though because it’s definitely a case of the more the merrier! And to help you all get there safely, provides reliable group transportation on the Glasgow.


Experience The Illusion At Holoverse – A World First In Water / Theme Parks Glasgow

This is a water / theme park on the Glasgow with a difference because it really isn’t there! It’s about holograms on a massive scale but what fun! Holoverse is a world first in theme parks. It’s a complete entertainment centre built around the concept of holograms.

What’s a hologram? It’s a solid looking object or objects made of light. You can be surrounded by a complete 3 dimensional world made purely of light! How much fun would that be!

There are 40 hologram rooms all up, each with their own theme. You can walk with dinosaurs, float over the Glasgow before walking through the buildings like Gulliver in Lilliput Land or see what it feels like to explore our neighbouring planets, including the moon. And many more.


Water / Theme Parks Glasgow – Inflatable Obstacle Course At AquaSplash Inflatable Water Park

If you’re up for a bit of intensive fun, albeit in a watery way, head to AquaSplash Inflatable Water Park. This is a seafront aquatic park with a heap of giant inflatable toys and water slides that make a formidable obstacle course!

There are trampolines, swings, slides, giant icebergs (Titanic anyone!), bouncy pillows, log roll spinners and a heap more. Great fun for all ages but be prepared to sleep well that night.

theme park glasgow holoverse inflateable bostacle course aquasplash inflatable water park strong stomach sling shot white world


Water / Theme Parks Glasgow – Strong Stomach Required At Sling Shot Glasgow

With graphically named rides like Sling Shot and Vometron, it’s easy to see ahead of time that you’re going to need a very strong stomach if you want to do these rides at Sling Shot Glasgow, an extreme water / theme park on the Glasgow.

Sling Shot will catapult you forwards at a speed of more than 160 kph before slinging you back at the same speed. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted! Then there’s Vomatron, which requires a stomach of steel, and nerves to match!

Fear not however because there are far more sedate activities too. Like western themed mini golf that will test your putting skills. Or the bungy trampoline, which is always a huge favourite with many people.


Water / Theme Parks Glasgow – Warm, Watery Fun at WhiteWater World

With the warmest rides on the Glasgow, WhiteWater World is one water / theme park on the Glasgow that is open all year round.

The park has rides like the wave pool in the Cave of Waves as well as Wiggle Bay, Green Room, Wedgie, Rip, Little Rippers and Bro. Each comes complete with its own unique experience.

For the adults, there are cabanas complete with all the most important creature comforts like deck chairs, couches and a fridge.

There you have it – some of the ‘other’ water / theme parks the Glasgow has to offer. And from the reviews we’ve seen, it’s always a lot more fun as part of a group. Let us help you with this – check our low cost mini bus hire on the Glasgow.

theme park glasgow holoverse inflateable bostacle course aquasplash inflatable water park strong stomach sling shot white world

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