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Water Activities On The Glasgow

The water playground to beat all water playgrounds. That’s the Glasgow’s promise to you. Finding exactly the right water activities on the Glasgow to suit your interest and abilities shouldn’t be difficult at all because there are so many on offer.

Of course watery fun is a lot more fun in a group so we recommend collecting your family, friends or work colleagues together and heading off to your chosen water activity. And the best way to get them all there is with our reliable group transportation service on the Glasgow.


We’re All Going On A Jetski Safari – Unbeatable Water Activities On The Glasgow

The magnificent ocean and its islands that sit right on the doorstep of the Glasgow makes for excellent jet skiing safaris. Jet Ski Safari offers some of the best of them!

Experience the power packed thrill of riding one of these magnificent jet-powered machines as it carries you at high speed across the waves. Explore the many water ways in and around the Glasgow or head up the coast for a 40 kilometre round trip to South Stradbroke Island. All trips come guaranteed with awesome views, plenty of excitement and the enjoyment that comes from participating in one of the best water activities on the Glasgow!

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Stand Up Paddling – Learn New Water Activities On The Glasgow

Stand up paddling is probably a bit like walking on water would feel like. As mere humans we can’t do that so this is the next best thing. And there’s no better place to ‘walk on water’ than on the Nerang River, which flows through Surfers Paradise.

As you paddle along the calm quiet waters of the Nerang on one of Go Vertical SUP’s paddle boards you’ll see a side of Surfers only visible from the river. From the mansions at Paradise Waters to the wildlife filled mangroves of Macintosh Island Park, it all awaits you on your Glasgow stand up paddle safari.


Flowboarding – Water Activities On The Glasgow With A Difference

Want to try your hand at a bit of skateboarding, bodyboarding and surfing? All at the same time? Then head for Dreamworld and a spot of flowriding, or flowboarding.

This exciting sport, described as the ‘ultimate fusion of board sports’ involves riding a board on water flowing at speed over specially designed sheet waves that simulate the shape of waves. The waves may be static but you can still do just about everything you would do in any of the other board sports, minus the danger!

Flowboarding can be done either standing up or lying on the board.

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Body Boarding – Water Activities On The Glasgow For Every Level

Riding a bodyboard in the surf can be as easy as simply lying on the board and letting the waves pick you up and bring you ashore. It’s called bodyboarding or boogieboarding and this is an ideal way to satisfy your surfing urge without making a fool of yourself in public if you can’t actually surf! It’s also a great introduction to full on surfing and is great for young and old alike.

Check out Go Ride A Wave and learn how to do one of the most enjoyable water activities on the Glasgow.

We’ve given you a few ideas on how to spend a day or two on the Glasgow so are you ready to book your group transportation hire on the Glasgow?

Give our friendly team at a call, or contact them online via our website and get a group going to one of these amazing water activities on the Glasgow.

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