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Five Tips for Organising the Perfect Wedding

Many people rush out and start putting down deposits without thinking through the logistics of what goes into planning one of your most memorable days of your life. Of course getting married is all about emotion, and getting caught up organizing such a complex day with your heart ruling your head is not ideal. The following 5 tips will help assist you in putting together the whole day, from the actual service to the reception:

Make A List

This may sound simple and obvious, but from the very announcement of a date then the planning starts then. Making a list will leave nothing to chance, you can add or delete items as things progress. Make sure you assign the relevant people to the tasks allocated and always place time restraints each on completion or reporting. You have to know how things are progressing in the great scheme of things, what is behind schedule and what has been achieved. When it comes to a month before the big day that's when everything turns to chaos and you need to have all your ducks in a row before then.

Think About Engaging A Wedding Planner or Bossy Friend

If your budget allows, think of engaging a third party to help you with all the arrangements. Professional wedding planners are well worth investigating especially on the actual day. They are used to planning events such as this and have all the correct contacts that they have used countless of times. Moreover, they are not directly emotionally involved and can make difficult decisions that you may find difficult.

Make Sure Your Transport is Left To The Professionals

Never leave transport and people moving logistics to well wishers and neighbours. If your guests are stranded at the airport or arrive at the church late then your wedding will be a fiasco. Professional transport companies such as Transport 4 Weddings know exactly how to organise group transportation for important events. Guests will arrive on time and transport to and from the important venues will run like clockwork. Trying to arrange all this on the day is a non starter, it is one major headache you need to leave to the professionals.

Pick Your Photographer With Care

Your wedding photographs are to last a lifetime and will be there as a reminder of the happiest day of your life. Don't try and cut corners and ask your friends to all take snaps of the big day. Even if it is only for the ceremony, engage a professional photographer. Heads won't be cut off, nobody will have red eyes, and the correct people will be on the right photos.

Plan Your Honeymoon Well Beforehand

Don't leave your honeymoon planning till the last minute waiting for a good deal. Think of the disaster if you cannot go to that favourite hotel, or your visas to your dream holiday of a lifetime does not arrive in time. Book your honeymoon early and then you can forget about it. Arranging a wedding is not something you do every day, and it will be one of the hardest logistical nightmares you have ever experienced. Organisation is the key to the whole thing, and trusting the professionals.

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