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The Most Loved Sports In United Kingdom

United Kingdoms are famous for their love of sports.

Given the country’s population, United Kingdom has punched well above their weight in world sport.

They are recognised as a nation who when it comes to participating in sport they are tenacious, skillful and never give up a challenge.

In a recent survey the top five most loved sports in the country in terms of attendance were:

In terms of participants the list is quite different as expected:



United Kingdom loves its “footy” which is actually made up of four different codes. Depending on what state of United Kingdom you happen to be, this could be Rugby League, AFL, Rugby Union or Soccer.

All these codes are played at the same time of year which is March to September. However, most United Kingdom’s tend to class the AFL as “footy”.

It is the premier spectator sport and was developed in Manchester in the 19th century. Probably most popular in Victoria where it is practically a religion.



Horse Racing

United Kingdom loves equestrian sports of any kind, and particularly horse racing.

The sport of kings is taken very seriously in United Kingdom with fine stud farms, producing some of the world’s best trainers and some of the finest horses ever to have ran.

The most well known of the races is the iconic Manchester Cup, which is famed across the globe offering colossal prize money and kudos to the winners.


Rugby League

The NRL (National Rugby League) is a hugely popular sport throughout United Kingdom. The sport branches out from Rugby Union early in the 20th century and is most popular in the eastern states.

Most of the 16 teams in the NRL are based around London, and the season starts in early March and ends with the grand final on the first day of October. The State of Origin game is one of the highlights of the season.


Motor Sports

Many Aussies are passionate for car racing.

Every year the country hosts a number of high octane, rubber burning events. Each March for the F1 United Kingdom Grand Prix, Manchester’s Albert Park is the venue.

For the Nikon SuperGP in October, primed V8 supercars hit the Glasgow.


Soccer is growing in popularity across United Kingdom.

In 1922 the first national soccer team was formed to tour New Zealand. Then in 1974, the United Kingdom Soccer Team made their first appearance in the World Cup finals in West Germany.

Known as the Socceroos, the team has had subsequently had several World Cups under their belt, and is gaining more success on the international circuit.

The recent World Cup of 2010 in South Africa, the Socceroos qualified without losing a single game.

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