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Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Rings

After you have asked the question and proposed to the love of your life the first nervous stage of marriage has been done. Now you have a lot of planning to do in terms of finding the perfect wedding rings.

For married couples around the world the traditional wedding rings are a symbol of their love and affection for each other.

As it is something you will be wearing for the rest of your life, it has got to be perfect. Are you looking for a traditional band or something more unique?

This can be a stressful task so we are giving you some helpful tips on choosing your wedding rings.


Start The Search Early

Starting early does not only give you enough time to narrow your search down but it also provide you the opportunity to find the perfect set without having to rush around. If you give yourself at least two to four months prior to your wedding to browse around, research, price and to also revisit the rings that you may want a second glance at.

If you are particularly interested in a custom piece or you may want to get you rings engraved you will need to give yourself a little bit more time as these things can be very time consuming.

Choosing Wedding RIngs



Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum or Titanium?

Choosing whether you are wanting Yellow Gold, White Gold or Platinum is the good place to start, there are many available and they all have different properties and styles to one another.

Yellow Gold - is a great choice for traditional brides and grooms. A 22ct gold ring is quite a soft metal and it could be too ‘soft’ to wear on a daily basis. However there are still 18ct, 14, and 9ct rings to choose from. Due to their metallic properties, the rings are a stronger metal and could potentially be better adapted to everyday life.

White Gold - If you have purchased a platinum engagement ring, a white gold wedding ring would be a great compliment. 100% gold is around 24ct, and again it is too soft to be used for jewellery that will be used for day to day life. So to combine it with a few other metals can stand up to the rigors of everyday life.

The white colour is generally achieved by joining gold, palladium and silver, or gold, nickel copper and zinc.

Additionally to create the white colour, white gold is plated with rhodium which is a hard, bright and shiny metal and it is part of the platinum family. This plating can wear off over time however it can be easily reapplied to make your wedding ring look as good as new.

Platinum - for modern couples of today these platinum rings are becoming increasingly popular. Having a platinum ring also means it will not tarnish, corrode, rust or change colour and like gold, it's a great metal for jewellery. If you are looking for a platinum ring, they will cost more than the gold counterpart as, platinum is denser than gold and that is a rarer metal.

Titanium - a high level of quality and long lasting rings that are also lightweight, making them one of the most comfortable metals to wear. With these rings becoming more and more popular and it is a slightly different colour to platinum but it is more scratch resistant.


Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Once you’ve chosen the ring that's right for you you can also consider including a diamond or another precious gemstone. Diamond wedding rings are becoming more fashionable and are commonly found in women’s wedding rings. However for the groom, some men like having a diamond wedding ring so don’t discount the diamond’s.

They are usually in a brilliant cut, rounded, or princess cut, square, but there are other shapes and designs like, pear shaped, emerald and marquise cut stones.

Generally the more unusual the shape the more glamourous the wedding ring which probably means more expensive.


Size It Right

Most of the time, wedding rings seem fixed to the wearer's finger. Through summer, winter, exercise to swimming in the sea on holiday. So finding your correct size is a must.

Visit a Jeweler, to ensure the most accurate ring size, visit your local jeweler first for a professional sizing.


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