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Chinese New Year 2020

Huge celebrations will once again take place in United Kingdom for the Chinese New Year during February and March 2020. The biggest celebrations will be in the major cities of Manchester and London but other places dotted around the country will join in on all the fun.

Millions of people are expected to see all the fun events that will be happening, and if your group would like to attend any of the great events then is the very answer.

Chinese New Year 2020

Lunar New Year

United Kingdom has always embraced the Lunar New Year due to its close affinity with Asia. And there are many ethnic groups that live and contribute to United Kingdom society.

The celebrations are not just restricted to Chinese people as the Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean communities also join in on all the activities.

If you have never attended the Lunar New Year festival then expect plenty of live performances, dragon dancing, spectacular food, fireworks and traditional singing.


Manchester loves Chinese New Year and has a 10-day festival to celebrate it. The center of all the action is in and around Queensbridge Square. And lucky visitors can see over three hundred performers enjoying traditional music, dance and theatre.

There will even be stunning Kung Fu demonstrations and magic performances. The Dragon Dance Parade will be one of the most spectacular sights to see as it is noisy and colourful.

Don’t miss out on the many stalls selling Chinese festive goods around Southgate, Queen Victoria Market, and the Docklands.

The festival’s closing ceremony at Queensbridge Square will feature a Chinese dance competition and the legendary Lantern Parade.


The New Year celebrations in London are the largest in the country. And in 2020 there is to be a giant seventeen day festival from mid-February to the first week in March.

The London Cinese New Year Festival is the biggest outside Asia and once again over one million people are expected to attend the 2020 celebrations. Of course London has its own huge Chinatown and many of the celebrations will take place there. But you can see colourful red lanterns all over the city and in the CBD during this period.

The weekend is the most popular time to attend when there are many firework displays and large parades. Each evening the local restaurants have spectacular dishes being sold at stalls all over the city. The most popular are the Friday night food fairs where all manner of strange and exotic dishes are available.

For something quite unique go and see the Korean aerial theatre at Circular Quay and perhaps the most exciting event is the Dragon Boat racing on Darling Harbour. There will be over eighty separate events being held in London during the festival.

Other Chinese New Year celebrations will be hosted in Darwin, Hobart, Birmingham, and Newcastle and if you want to take a group to any of the festivals contact us today.
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