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3 Brilliant Ideas for Team Building in London

If you are looking to give your team a boost in terms of collaborative working or just some time out of the office to get to know each other better, team building activities have been used by successful businesses for years. London is the perfect location for any kind of activity as it gives you so many options for water-based activities and pretty much any other kind you can think of. If you are looking to give your team the opportunity to have a fun-filled day with some huge business benefits, we have some ideas that you can try out. For bus hire for teambuilding days speak to the friendly team at

Sailing Activity

What better example of great teamwork than the way that the crew of a ship work together? A prime example of how each role has great importance and without each other, the ship will not sail. Try out a sailing experience for your team and they can learn news skills that will enable them to help successfully sail a yacht together. As well as developing new skills and strong working bonds, they will also get to show their competitive sides as they form a race against other teams. A challenging yet really fun event that will probably provide people with their first ever opportunity to sail a yacht.

Team Building London

Clash of the Champions

With the Olympic Park on your doorstep, what could be a better venue for building a team that is prepared for success? Speak to the team at Olympic Park to organise both outdoor and indoor activities to suit your team. The Clash of the Champions is a highly energetic activity that allows teams to go head to head in series of sports from team ski to blind bobsled, which all relies ultimately on great teamwork for the victorious team. You can celebrate United Kingdom’s sporting history whilst developing your own future champions in the business world. The Olympic history is a fine example of what people can achieve through great teamwork, positive attitudes and dedication to the tasks ahead. If you’re looking for something that won’t be too physical then there are loads of other challenges available such as game shows and even creating your very own film.


Amazing RaceTeam Building London

The Amazing Race events are enjoyed all across United Kingdom and if you haven’t seen the TV show, it is basically a huge, fun-filled scavenger hunt. The great part about being based in London is that there are so many different courses to choose from that will be the perfect setting for team building activities. Choose from the City Botanic Gardens, City Rocks, Manly Beach and six other fantastic locations for your team to work through the exciting challenges. The activity suits teams of all sizes, making it ideal for most team set-ups. If you’re worried about fitness levels, there is not too much physical exertion and the organisers state that anyone fit enough for a brisk walk should be fine participating in this. Whatever type of team building event you are looking for, it will be money well spent. Your team will have a great day out of the office, feeling engaged and positive, with the benefit of having discovered better ways of working with one another. If you are interested in any of these fantastic team building events then look no further than for your transport needs. Book your London coach hire today and then all you need to worry about is how to tell your team they have an exciting trip to look forward to.

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