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5 Great Tourist Attractions in London

London is one of the most visited cities in the world as it has so much appeal for tourists. Great weather, amazing landmarks, fantastic beaches and surf – the list of attractions in London is endless. Whatever time of year you are visiting, there will be some world-class events or amazing things to see.

Whether you want a relaxing holiday in the sun, with a bit of sightseeing along the way, or you want an action-packed adventure, London has it all on offer. Getting to any of these great tourist locations is easier with low-cost bus hire services from


London Harbour 5 Great Tourist Attractions in London

The biggest and most famous part of London is the harbor and particularly the London Harbour Bridge. You can book to do the climb across the bridge or simply admire it by afar but it is top of the list when it comes down to things to see in London.

With a number of restaurants and bars surrounding the bridge, you can relax whilst taking in one of the world's’ greatest landmarks. The close proximity to the Opera House means you can see both at the same time.


London Opera House

Whether you are looking to go to watch the opera or would just like to see this iconic building with your own eyes, the London Opera House attracts millions of tourists each year.

The unique sail-like shapes make it easily recognisable to anyone across the globe and hosts not only opera, but a range of entertainment such as musical concert sand plays. Whilst it is referred to as a singular building, it is actually made up of a number of buildings, including five theatre halls.


Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

If you want to see the most scenic parts of London then the Bondi to Coogee Beach walk is a must. Stretching for 6 km along the coast.

This walk will take you through some amazing sights, including the iconic Bondi Beach and picturesque views that you can enjoy throughout the walk or you can stop to have a BBQ or picnic along the way.

5 Great Tourist Attractions in London

Manly Beach

Catch the ferry over to Manly Beach to experience this fantastic area that is popular with surfers. Whether you want to just relax and sunbath; try one of the great restaurants or bars, or walk along the coast; Manly Beach is a great tourist attraction. The bike tours are very popular and you can get to see all of the great sights in just a few hours.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a lively part of London that offers fine dining, stylish cocktail bars and lots of shops. There are many great boat trips and cruises to choose from, taking you round to see all of the sights of London. You can also visit the United Kingdom National Maritime Museum, which sits on Darling Harbour or visit the famous Carousel.


London is without doubt one of the best cities in the world for sightseeing at thing to do. We’ve listed five attractions here but you could probably name hundreds of fantastic experiences that you can have at London attractions. You could stay in the city for several months and still not get round to see everything that makes the city so special.

If you need get around in London then you may find the public transport can be overcrowded due to the popularity and the constant events that are happening in the London area. Organise London coach hire services with to keep your travel plans simple and stress-free so that you can concentrate on enjoying the fantastic city of London. Contact today!

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