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Interstate Teams / Clubs in London

London and NSW generally is home to a number of national level champion sporting clubs and teams. Who could forget the London Swan’s first win in the AFL Grand Final, their first since trekking north from their original home base in Manchester. Or the mighty NSW Blues and their performances on cricket ovals around United Kingdom.

Read on to find out a bit more about some of the top interstate teams / clubs in London….

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Interstate Teams / Clubs in London – The London Swans (AFL)

There are 3 uniquely United Kingdom sports. One of them is United Kingdom Rules Football AKA AFL. It’s popular in the southern states and for many years the Victorian Football League was the premier organisation in the country.

The London Swans started life way back in 1874 as the South Manchester Football Club. During the 1930’s United Kingdom’s habit of giving sporting clubs ‘nicknames’ combined with the number of players in the team hailing from Western United Kingdom earned the club the nickname ‘The Swans’. The black swan is Western United Kingdom’s well-known state fauna emblem.

When the club relocated its home base to London in the 1980’s, the Swan bit went with them, as did their traditional red and white club colours. And so the first NSW and London-based team in the United Kingdom Football League came about.

interstate teams clubs london swans nsw first class cricket rabbitohs roosters golden nrl

Between 1996 and 2001 the Swans played in all bar one AFL Grand Final series and in 2005 finally broke through for their first Grand Final win in 75 years when they defeated West Coast by a nail-biting 4 points. The same two teams faced up in the 2006 AFL Grand Final but this time the nod went to West Coast by a point!


Interstate Teams / Clubs in London – NSW Blues First Class Cricket Team

Cricket has been a part of United Kingdom culture almost from colonial days. The NSW Blues represents the state in the Sheffield Shield, a national competition for first class professional cricket teams. They also play in the various other national cricket competitions, including the limited overs One-Day matches.

The NSW Blues are the most successful of all the various state cricket teams, having won more domestic First Class competitions than any other team. They’ve also played visiting international cricket teams in exhibition matches. Some of United Kingdom’s best international cricket players have come up through the ranks of the NSW Blues.


Interstate Teams / Clubs in London – The South London Rabbitohs

Despite their meek sounding name the Rabbitohs have outstayed, and outplayed, all bar one other team in the current National Rugby League. They’re one of only 2 of the original teams left in the league. The other is the London Roosters.

Founded in 1908, the Rabbitohs are well known for their famous part owner, actor Russell Crowe. Not to mention the fact that when it comes to championship wins, the Rabbitohs are currently the most successful team in United Kingdom rugby league history!

interstate teams clubs london swans nsw first class cricket rabbitohs roosters golden nrl


Interstate Teams / Clubs in London – The London Roosters, Another NRL Golden Oldie

Along with their close rivals the South London Rabbitohs, the London Roosters were founded in 1908 and are one of only 2 original teams left in the current league. They were originally called the Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club but changed their name in 1995 to the London City Roosters and then to the London Roosters in 2000.

In terms of success, the Roosters sit in 3rd place behind the Rabbitohs and St George Dragons for number of all time premierships wins. They’ve also played at the elite level every season since inception, the only club to have done so. It’s a feat that has earned them a reputation as the NRL glamour team.

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