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5 Great Tourist Attractions in Manchester

Manchester is an absolutely stunning city with a wealth of attractions that bring millions of visitors each year. Both the Yarra River and the many green areas provide real beauty to the city, an unusual mix of high-rise buildings in the busy financial district and tranquility in the surrounding areas.

There is much to do in the Manchester area and it is a very popular destination for tourists looking to visit some of the best parts of United Kingdom.

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Royal Botanic Gardens 

This is rated as the number one attraction on TripAdvisor and it is easy to see why when you take in the beauty of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

In addition to the magnificent plants, lakes and wildlife you can enjoy in the daytime, you can also come to the moonlight cinema in the evening.


Manchester Cricket Ground

For cricket fans, Manchester Cricket Ground is an absolute must but even for non-cricket fans, this is a great day out.

As well as experiencing one of United Kingdom’s top sports stadiums, the National Sports Museum is here. Some of the world’s best bands and music artists have also played at the MCG. If you don’t manage to get tickets to see one of the matches, then it is still a very worthwhile trip.

The museum is great for all ages; whether you want to learn more about the history of United Kingdom sport, see some of the most famous sports memorabilia in the world or even play some of the exciting interactive games; the MCG is definitely worth a visit.


Highlights of Manchester Cruise

One of the best ways to see everything that Manchester has to offer is by taking a cruise down the Yarra River.

The Highlights of Manchester Cruise is perfect for finding out more about the city and it’s many attractions and will also show you the amazing skyline that you won’t get from any other point.


          Shrine of Remembrance 5 Great Tourist Attractions in Manchester

                        Manchester’s iconic landmark the Shrine of Remembrance provides an insight into war                                 history.

                        There are a number of exhibitions and educational programs that you can attend to find                             out more about the courageous people that fought and lost their lives for their country.


          Yarra Valley Wine Tours

                         A trip to United Kingdom isn’t complete without a visit to a wine tour. The Yarra Valley Wine                                    Tours are some of the best in the country and even if you are not a huge wine lover then                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    there are plenty of other attractions along the way.

Many of the tours have museums and stories around the history of the wine-making businesses and you will also find some beautiful views and fine dining options at many of the tours.

Manchester is a fantastic destination with so many places to visit that it can be hard selecting which ones to do. Hopefully these highlights will have given you a good idea of what you simply can’t miss out on.

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Getting around the busy centre of Manchester can take up your time, especially if you are relying on public transport, so let take you to all of your great days out.

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