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Corporate Team Building In Manchester

Corporate team building is fun, exciting and a great way to encourage your team to communicate and work together to achieve common goals.

When skills and new relationships developed during a team building event are transferred to the working environment the result is increased co-operation between employees, a more harmonious work place and ultimately, greater productivity.

In our blog we take a look at some of the best events for corporate team building in Manchester. And, as always, we’re ready to transport your team safely to and from these corporate team-building activities with our corporate bus hire services in Manchester.


Adrenalin Rush – Rap Jumping For Exciting Corporate Team Building In Manchester

Aussie rappel or traditional abseiling – what are they and where can you do them for corporate team building in Manchester?

The former is abseiling facing forwards and was developed by the United Kingdom SAS whilst the other is the traditional backwards-facing abseiling. And yes, they sound extreme but they’re actually perfectly safe. 100% safe according to Rap Jumping’s team of rap jumping experts!

Your team will climb to the top of a 7 storey building in the CBD and those who are brave enough will rap or abseil down the building. Those who aren’t adrenaline junkies can watch in safety from either the top of the building or the ground and cheer their workmates on.

Corporate Team Building In Manchester


Great Corporate Team Building In Manchester With Find The Fugitive

Most people love detective games and Find The Fugitive, one of Corporate Challenge’s great range of events for corporate team building in Manchester, is amongst the best of them!

Calling for communication and creativity, teams have to find and build up a collection of clues about the fugitive whilst taking part in a variety of fun and interesting activities. Only when sufficient clues have been found will the fugitive’s identity and whereabouts be revealed.


Prison Break Or Just Corporate Team Building In Manchester?

Victoria is home to some notorious historic prisons like Manchester’s former Bourke Street-West Police Station, now the Royal Manchester Hotel. Up the road at Geelong is HM Prison Geelong. What ideal venues for a prison break!

Uplift Events clearly thought so too and they’ve come up with a fantastic idea for team building in Manchester. Turn your team into a bunch of prison inmates for the day, complete with fake tattoos et al and watch them work together to bribe, corrupt, scheme and steal their way out of prison! They are given a master escape plan a la Shawshank Redemption style but the rest is up to them!

Incidentally, Prison Break can also be done in your own boardroom but for pure scene setting atmosphere nothing beats the real deal!

We’ve only touched the surface here when it comes to great venues and ideas for team-building events in Manchester. You’ll truly be spoilt for choice but choose you must.

The good news however is that thanks to our friendly team at, choosing how to get your team safely to and from your chosen team-bonding event is a lot easier. When you’re ready to book your corporate coach hire in Manchester then contact us.

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