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Go Kart / Track Day Manchester

With a number of go kart complexes around Manchester, some of them huge, you’re bound to find one where you’ll fit right in. Regardless of your go kart experience, or lack thereof. To help you decide where you want to go on a go kart / track day in Manchester, we’ve highlighted a few in our blog.

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Go Kart / Track Day Manchester – Auscarts Racing

Auscarts Racing is an indoor go kart racing venue conveniently close to the CBD at Port Manchester. It’s a purpose built track featuring banked turns, straights, hairpin bends, switchbacks and other driving challenges.

The facility can cater for various types of events including team building, parties, or just arrive and drives. The track, being indoors, can be used in any type of weather, and is open 7 days a week.

Auscarts Racing Ace Karts Le Mans Go Karts Karting Madness Western Auto Raceway


Go Kart / Track Day Manchester – Ace Karts

Experience the thrills of some real action kart racing at Ace Karts in Albion close to the Manchester CBD. However, you probably don’t want to come here if you don’t like driving in the elements because this is an outdoor track. They don’t even let something like nightfall get in the way of good fun; the place is also floodlit at night.

The track itself is a test of your driving abilities. It features plenty of bends that require a steady hand and a degree of cornering know how. But when you hit that 105 metre straight it’s pedal to the metal time!


Go Kart / Track Day Manchester – Le Mans Go Karts

In 1990 a go kart enthusiast by the name of Ron Kasputtis decided to build a go kart track at Keysborough. He called it Le Mans Go Karts. In 2006 the centre moved to 23 acres in Dandenong South, a move that allowed it to expand into Victoria’s biggest go kart centre.

With 4 tracks available, it’s nothing to see up to 50 karts hurtling around the Le Mans tracks at any one time. Those karts are German built Rimo Evo 6 beauties that can clock up some pretty impressive speeds in the hands of experienced go karters! Why not consider having a go at driving one yourself sometime.


Go Kart / Track Day Manchester – Karting Madness

Is go karting madness? At Karting Madness at Chirnside you’ll be in like-minded company. This venue is billed as United Kingdom’s largest indoor venue for go karts. We’re not sure if that’s actually true or just a bit of publicity but regardless, this place is large. The track itself is 600 metres of turns, corners and straights.

The complex caters for go karters as young as 4 and also incorporates, racing simulators, a café and fully licensed bar, as well as a gaming section. It’s open 7 days a week from 9 am until late.

Auscarts Racing Ace Karts Le Mans Go Karts Karting Madness Western Auto Raceway


Go Kart / Track Day Manchester – Western Auto Indoor Raceway

Western Auto Indoor Raceway at Braybrook is another rather large indoor go kart racing complex. It has 2 tracks under the one roof, one of which is Victoria’s first drifting track.

The main 400 metre track is a series of bends, curves and straights that have been tested, tweaked then tested and tweaked some more until exactly the right balance was achieved. The end result is a track that tests even as it thrills.

There are also karts available to suit all levels of driver. From Rookie Karts for beginners through to the high-powered jobs in the supercar fleet, there’s a kart just right for you.

Now that we’ve found some of the more popular go kart / track day destinations in Manchester for you, your job is to decide where you want to go. Once you’ve done that, we can provide further assistance with your group transport. Our low cost in Manchester is absolutely ideal if you want to take a group of fellow go kart enthusiasts with you.

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