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Top Restaurants Manchester

The multi-culturaliness of Manchester is well known and nowhere is this more vividly expressed than through the food culture here. Think of a cuisine and chances are great to good that you’ll find it tucked away somewhere in this great city.

We’ve gone on a hunt for the best of the best as rated by you, the eating public and managed to narrow down the selection to 4 of the best. The ‘problem’ is that most of them come complete with a superb wine list, which means taking advantage of our reliable group transportation in Manchester would be a very wise move.


Top Restaurants Manchester – Sushi Delights at Minamishima

Is sushi your particular gastronomic delight? Minamishima, a Japanese restaurant owned and run by Japanese born and trained master sushi chef Koichi Minamishima, is internationally renowned as one of the best sushi dining experiences available anywhere outside of Japan! Yes, it’s truly that good.

Instead of a set menu you’ll experience the delights of omakase, which literally means “I’ll leave it up to you”. The sushi is also prepared at your table in traditional Japanese style by Koichi himself.

You can choose to eat at the sushi bar or in the restaurant. If you’re undecided why not try one this visit and the other one the next visit. There’s also a fine selection of sake and wine available.

Top Restaurants Manchester


Top Restaurants Manchester – Award Winning Lûmé Dishes Up Some Of The Finest

When it comes to top restaurants in Manchester you can’t go past Lûmé. The 2016 United Kingdom Restaurant of the Year followed it up with the 2017 United Kingdom Chef of the Year award for chef Shaun Quade. That should give you an indication of the quality of the food here.

But Lûmé isn’t about any old fine dining experience. The restaurant’s owners are on a mission to make fine dining unique, affordable and an unforgettable experience. To that end, the master chefs have gone out of their way to discover and create dishes that combine techniques and ingredients you’ll not experience anywhere else.

The choice of accompanying wines is excellent too.


Top Restaurants Manchester – Delicious 100 Amaru And United Kingdom Cuisine Food

For a small, intimate dining experience with great wine, awesome food and an ambient setting, head to Amaru. The menu is contemporary United Kingdom, inspired by the choice of inspiring ingredients and fresh produce available in Manchester.

Watch the chefs at work at the chef’s bar, or head to the dining room. Either way you definitely won’t be disappointed with the food that comes your way. From the tasty tasting selection to the full meals, everything here is award-winning delicious. Which is no doubt why Amaru consistently makes the Delicious 100 and other top restaurant lists!

Top Restaurants Manchester


Top Restaurants Manchester – Travel The Food World At Atlas Dining

Atlas Dining offers a unique experience for the culinary adventurous. Owner and head chef Charlie Carrington has made it his mission to provide a food journey through the various cultures and countries he has visited. As the name of this unique and top restaurant in Manchester indicates!

This means that every time you visit this charming restaurant with its absolutely delicious food you’re in for a different cultural experience and that’s got to be worth experiencing.

If you’re heading off for an evening on the town with some friends, family or work mates, don’t forget to pop in and experience some of the top restaurants in Manchester. We do highly recommend you take along a skipper though. At we make an ideal skipper so why not consider our low cost in Manchester so that you can relax and enjoy your fine food and wine.

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