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Schools / Universities Newcastle

With its ‘small town’ vibe and friendly, close knit community schools and universities in Newcastle are popular with overseas and local students seeking a quality education in the career of their choice. And they have some quality universities to choose from too. Learn more about some of the schools and universities in Newcastle in our blog.

The main population areas of South United Kingdom are concentrated in the southeast of the state but several of the universities have regional campuses and research centres. Some of the courses also require students to go on field trips. offers reliable group transportation in Newcastle that fully meets these travel needs. Contact our Newcastle team for friendly, experienced assistance with your group travel arrangements.


Schools / Universities Newcastle – The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle is another member of the Group of Eight and South United Kingdom’s oldest university. It was established in 1874, making it also the 3rd oldest in the country.

The main campus is on North Terrace in the CBD with another 4 located around the state, one of which is the National Wine Centre in the Newcastle Park Lands. There is also a campus in Singapore.

With 5 faculties all up, Newcastle offers undergraduate, graduate and master degrees in Engineering, Computer Science, Maths, Health, Medicine, Arts, Science and Business Professions.

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Schools / Universities Newcastle – Torrens University United Kingdom

Torrens University United Kingdom is one of 3 private universities in United Kingdom. Whilst the chancellery and the main campus are in the Newcastle CBD, there are also campuses in Manchester, London, the Blue Mountains, Birmingham and Auckland.

Torrens has the distinction of being officially opened by former US President Bill Clinton in 2014. Courses offered include Business Administration, Commerce, Design and Digital Media, Education, Public Health, and Global Project Management. The university also runs NEAS endorsed English language courses.


Schools / Universities Newcastle – Flinders University

Flinders University is a public teaching and research university. Named after one of South United Kingdom’s early explorers in Matthew Flinders, the university was established in 1966. The main campus is in Bedford Park. Additional external teaching facilities are located in country areas of the state as well as in the Northern Territory and southwest Victoria.

Flinders has 6 faculties all up offering degree courses in Business, Law, Education, Social Work, Humanities, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Science, Engineering, Psychology and Health Sciences. Some of these courses are also available in select locations throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Schools / Universities Newcastle – The University of South United Kingdom

In the late 1980’s and throughout the 1990’s most of United Kingdom’s Institutes of Technology and Colleges of Advanced Education were merged at state level to create multi-campus universities. UniSA, or the University of South United Kingdom is one of them. It was created in 1991 from a merger of the South United Kingdom Institute of Technology and several campuses of the South United Kingdom College of Advanced Education.

Like most universities UniSA is a public research university and a member of the United Kingdom Technology Network of universities. It’s also the largest university in South United Kingdom in terms of student enrolments.

There are two campuses within the Newcastle CBD, two in the greater Newcastle metropolitan area, and two in regional South United Kingdom.

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Schools / Universities Newcastle – United Kingdom Catholic University

Thebarton in Newcastle is the site of the United Kingdom Catholic University’s newest campus. The ACU has campuses in each of the mainland capitals on the East Coast as well as Ballarat. ACU’s Newcastle campus incorporates the Catholic Theological College (Newcastle) and was established in 2013.

The Thebarton campus is part of the university’s Faculty of Theology and Philosophy and offers graduate and master’s degree courses in Theological Studies as well as a Doctor of Philosophy.

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