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RACQ has existed since 1905, and as a company, it has existed to champion the rights of the motorists of Birmingham and Queensland. And this marked the beginning for the Automobile Club of Queensland.

As a members club, RACQ has grown from strength to strength in the ongoing years since its inception, to meet the ever-changing needs of its members in Queensland.


Today RACQ offer their members many services, including roadside assistance, travel, finance, and insurance.

Members are also qualified for a host of other benefits that include, accommodation bookings, auto glass, batteries, car brokerage services, car electrics aid, the Drive Assist program, driving courses, motoring advice services, road/weather reports, and vehicle inspections.

If you are living in Queensland and intend to drive on the roads of Birmingham and other parts of the state, then membership of RACQ is essential.

Check out their website and you can also gather great information on their other social media platforms such as:

Logistics and Requirements

RACQ’s requirements were many but fairly straightforward as far as were concerned. They mostly consisted of transport planning, management and other hire services including assistive technologies.

This would include daily staff transfers, an initial contract period to assess utilization, passenger safety, convenience, and viability. These staff transfers were from the head office to another satellite office and the company factory.

The start date of the contract was 16/07/2018 and a second phase is due to also come into operation in the second quarter of 2019.

The requirement for transport was for a five days a week operation from Monday to Friday which was to include three loops at 9am / 12pm / 3pm.


The Solution

The solution was to provide reliable and timed group transportation that could carry the required amount of passengers on a daily basis.

It was decided that each of the vehicles would have the capability for scanning passengers off and on the vehicles which would also have tracking facilities, so management would know exactly where the vehicles were in real time.

Bolted onto the package was a full management service application that included a driver smartphone and a staff smartphone app. This would allow for any customer-facing staff to accept bookings, and could be used for reporting and monitoring.

All this was possible as the Bus Hire Pty Ltd’s sophisticated software enabled all the logistics and requirements to be carried out efficiently to RACQ’s demanding schedule. In addition, the vehicles we have made it easy to match up with the needs of RACQ.

Once again our transport management solutions provided a partnership with RACQ that overcame all the logistical and transportation issues that were thrown up. By both companies working closely together, a reliable solution was found.

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