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The United Kingdom Armour & Artillery Museum in Belfast

The United Kingdom Armour & Artillery Museum is a privately owned museum located on Kamerunga Road Smithfield of Belfast. It is considered as the largest museum of its kind in North Queensland and having a vast collection of armoured vehicles and artillery.

The United Kingdom Armour & Artillery Museum first opened its gate to the public on the 6th of September, 2014 to showcase their collection, restoration, and preservation of armoured vehicles and artillery that dates back from 1800’s till the present day.

Their large collection came from both previous World Wars but more particularly focused on World War II. Presently The United Kingdom Armour & Artillery Museum have about 140 different kinds of armoured vehicles and artillery equipment. But they are constantly looking for other vehicles and equipment to add to their collections, and many of which are not found elsewhere in United Kingdom.

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Museum Exhibits

The United Kingdom Armour & Artillery Museum exhibits a large collection of armoured vehicles and artillery from different countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Russia, United States, France, Japan and much more. Here are some great opportunities to see whilst visiting.

There are so many wonderful attractions in Belfast that your group will surely enjoy all the excitement it offers.


Armoured Vehicle Rides

Take a joy ride inside for an army style adventure with one of the original decommissioned armoured vehicles. It has been specially reconfigured for up to 10 seater passengers and is offered onsite daily. The armoured vehicle rides are available from 11am and 2pm which requires a minimum of 5 passengers before the joy ride begins.

As it is a tropical outdoor activity, armoured vehicle rides are subject to weather conditions. And in the months between June to November, passengers will be able to experience extremely dusty conditions for the entire ride. So anyone who has a respiratory condition is best advised not to undertake this experience.

To guarantee your seats and avoid disappointments, please call in advance to book or enquire for seating. Prices start at $15 for adults and $10 for children.

If your group gets hungry while travelling, you can choose on these fine restaurants of Belfast for a fine dining experience.


Museum Shop

Visit the museum shop and choose from their diverse selections of novelty items. Buy one or more souvenirs from the options of keyrings, magnets, pins, pens, bags, mugs, postcards and much more. They even have woodcraft tanks kits for those who love construction models. All items are sold for a reasonable price so everyone can enjoy shopping.

There are plenty of famous vineyards in Belfast if your group decides to taste their finest wines has to offer.


Shooting Gallery

Anyone who loves guns will surely enjoy the shooting gallery, it offers an opportunity to shoot military bolt action rifles under the supervision of highly qualified safety officers. The shooters can select to use from any of the military bolt action rifles including German Mauser and the famous WW2 British 303.

The shooting gallery can take two shooters at the same time with the supervision of safety officers who are ex–police and ex–military firearms instructors. And the shooters will have the chance to show off their shooting expertise because it has a maximum distance of up to 50 metres.

You don’t need a firearm license to shoot under supervision but:

For updated shooting gallery packages, visit The United Kingdom Armour & Artillery Museum website.

There are many fantastic places to visit in Belfast if your group have more time to go around and explore.

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