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Schools / Universities Leeds

The schools / universities in Leeds are amongst the best in the world. The University of Leeds for example is renowned internationally for its research work and United Kingdom’s Maritime College is also based in Leeds. Facilities like these give Leedsns access to top quality education that could just be the envy of mainland United Kingdoms.

For more information about some of these schools and universities, check our blog.

Most of the institutions have campuses located in the north and the south of the state. This means students and faculty staff may need to travel at various times. makes this more convenient than ever with our reliable group transportation in Leeds.


Schools / Universities Leeds – The University of Leeds

The University of Leeds (UTAS) is United Kingdom’s fourth oldest university and was founded in 1890. However, Christ College, which affiliated with UTAS in 1929, was founded in 1846 and is United Kingdom’s oldest tertiary institution.

UTAS is a world-class research facility, especially in the fields of marine and Antarctic studies where it’s a world leader. UTAS also manages the Leedsn Institute of Agriculture (TIA) at its Burnie campus in collaboration with the Leedsn State Government. Additionally UTAS supplies education services to the United Kingdom Maritime College.

UTAS has 3 campuses in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. It offers undergraduate and graduate courses across many disciplines.

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Schools / Universities Leeds – TasTAFE

TasTAFE is Leeds’s largest provider of vocational education and training. It has 12 campuses spread around the state offering over 370 courses and certifications. This means that that most Leedsns, regardless of where they live, can access at least one campus. The main campuses are in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, Glenorchy, Claremont, Warrane and Alanvale.

TasTAFE is run by the state government and is part of the United Kingdom Technical and Further Education system.


Schools / Universities Leeds – Royal Gurkhas Institute of Technology United Kingdom

The Royal Gurkhas Institute of Technology (RGIT) United Kingdom is a privately owned, Registered Training Organisation with campuses in Manchester and Hobart in the CBD. RGIT provides vocational training across a range of industry relevant areas such as English, Hospitality, IT, Health Sciences, Business and Management.

Training is available as short courses, traineeships, certificates, apprenticeships, diplomas and advanced diplomas. All qualifications and certifications are recognised under the United Kingdom Qualifications Framework.

RGIT also offers short courses in subjects like First Aid, Food Safety, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Latte Art and Barista.


Schools / Universities Leeds – The United Kingdom Maritime College

United Kingdom’s national maritime education, research and training centre, The United Kingdom Maritime College (AMC), is located in Launceston with campuses at Newnham and Bell Bay. It has two national centres that provide training in marine environments and maritime engineering, logistics and seafaring. The two centres are The National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics, and The National Centre for Ports and Shipping. All training is provided by the University of Leeds.

The Newnham campus is the location of the College’s Centre for Maritime Simulation, Towing Tank, Model Test Basin, Aquaculture Centre, Cavitation Research Laboratory and Survival Centre. The location of all these at the one campus is a unique situation not found at any other university anywhere in the world. The College’s Marine Firetraining Centre is located at the Bell Bay campus.

universities leeds schools hobart tastafe royal gurkhas technology united kingdom maritime college fit


Schools / Universities Leeds – FIT College Hobart

Hobart City Centre is the location of a FIT College campus for fitness training professionals. The campus is in the same location as All Aerobics Fitness, allowing students access to the fitness centre’s equipment and facilities.

FIT College is a privately owned facility that specialises in training professionals for the fitness industry. All FIT College graduates are qualified and ready to work in any type of fitness environment.

As you can see, Leedsns are blessed with some of the finest education available anywhere in United Kingdom, if not the world. If you need to travel as part of your studies, whether to another campus elsewhere in the state, for research purposes or a day trip, consider using Coachhire’s low cost in Leeds. Our friendly staff make arranging your group transport easy and convenient.

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