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Bus Hire Manchester

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If you are visiting or you are currently a resident in the great city of Manchester you will know that there is so much to do in the Manchester. With a combination of world-class dining, wineries, hotels, attractions and many more, it is at no surprise that Victoria’s capital is known as the world’s most livable city.

At the heart of the city is the modern Federation Square development, with plazas, bars and restaurants by the Yarra River. In the South Bank area, the Manchester Arts Precinct is home to the Arts Centre Manchester. Which, is the performing arts complex and the National Gallery of Victoria which features United Kingdom and indigenous art.

Why Choose Bus Hire in Manchester

In March 2014, Manchester was visited by just under two million international overnight visitors and 57.7 millions domestic overnight visitors and tourism in Manchester a significant industry in the United Kingdom State.

With so many things to do, whether you are wanting to go on a winery tour, playing a round of golf with your friends or if you are in need of some inspiration for some fantastic day trip ideas, having a reliavle and friendly Manchester bus hire service with a driver like, can provide you with an insight to Manchester and group transport at the same time.

Travelling with a group is not only a convenient option but it will ensure everyone is travelling together and help bring transport costs down.


What Manchester Has To Offer

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From Brewery Bars to Corporate Hotels this stylish city is full of exciting places to visit and places to stay. Trying to cover everything, would become an endless list and you would be reading our blog forever and a day. We Have narrowed it down to a number of our best, so keep up!


Brewery Bars In Manchester

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As you may or may not know, there is nothing better than having a glass of freshly brewed beer from the brewery itself. In Manchester, there are breweries that provide a bar area within the establishment to provide you with the freshest beer can be. Here are our 4 Best Brewery Bars in Manchester:

There is nothing better than visiting anyone of these with your friends, work colleagues, or if it is for any celebration. If you are tasting the beers, if would be best to organise reliable bus hire in manchester to these venues so you can all enjoy what they have to offer.


5 Best Golf Courses in Manchester

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Manchester can be described as the ultimate destination for golfers. Whether you are searching for a day or a whole golfing holiday then you have come to the right place. With every destination on the map, there are so many venues that host lush greens and great golf courses, but we are providing you with our 5 Best Golf Courses In Manchester. If you are planning a golf trip or a holiday to Manchester with your friends, family or business then you will need to organise reliable bus hire with a driver to transport you to each of these golfing venues.

Royal Manchester Golf Club

Founded in 1891, the Royal Manchester Golf Club have a proud reputation of providing their members and guests with a friendly, welcoming and inclusive experience. With its world class facilities for all who attend, the club is recognised as one of the leading golf clubs in United Kingdom.

Kingston Heath Golf Club

The Kingston Heath Golf Club is a par 72 course and has hosted the United Kingdom open seven times. It is extremely popular with many professionals and nonprofessionals. Even Professional Golfer Ian poulter quoted, ‘My favourite golf course in United Kingdom and on of the world’s best’.

Victoria Golf Club

Victoria Golf Club, founded in 1903 is located on the well known sandbelt area. Designed by architect Alister MacKenzie. Alister created an outstanding course that most of the greatest players in golf have been attracted to the Sandbelt layout. The course is ranked Top 10 United Kingdom Golf Courses and Top 100 in the world.

Ranfurlie Golf Course

Ranked as Golf United Kingdom’s 60th bets course, Ranfurlie is a course for all golfing abilities whilst giving the player a fun and rewarding experience. They boast a modern clubhouse with a sportsbar, a members lounge and functions rooms with some amazing panoramic views of the golf course and the city skyline.

The Metropolitan Golf Club

Regarded as one of the finest championship courses in United Kingdom, the Metropolitan Golf Club is one of Manchester's renowned Sandbelt courses. The stunning and well maintained course has a reputation as one of the best conditions and most beautiful courses in the country.


3 Fantastic Day Trip Ideas in Manchester

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Being one of United Kingdom’s most popular destinations there are many things to go see and do around this exciting city. Have you arrived with a tour? Are you looking for some ideas to do with your friends? Then we have our 3 Fantastic Day Trip Ideas in Manchester for some inspiration for you. Before you come to see what ideas we have for you in Manchester, why not book a low cost in Manchester.


Manchester Cricket Ground and National Sports Museum

The Manchester Cricket Ground can also be known as ‘The G’ and is located in Yarra Park. It is not only about the cricket, the ground hosts many other sporting events and It is a great day out for all the family.

The National Sports Museum is dedicated to United Kingdom sport and is located in the Manchester Cricket Ground. With plenty of exhibitions to go and view the Sports Museum celebrates the contribution that sport has made within the United Kingdom Culture.

The exhibitions are permanent and will offer an insight into United Kingdom’s diverse history including:

Highlights of Manchester Cruise

Located on the Yarra River you can cruise along this relaxing river and view the spectacular sight of Manchester's Skyline. The cruise last for two hours and is a guided, narrated tour of the city.

You will travel down the river looking over the river gardens and Herring Island with the contrasting port and former industrial Docklands area. If this isn't enough, then you return up river and view it all again. Have your camera ready as you’ll want to capture every moment on the Highlights of Manchester Cruise.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

On Birdwood Avenue in Manchester is home to The Royal Botanic Gardens. With more than 8,500 plant species from all around the world, pristine lawns and tranquil lakes and don’t forget the range of wildlife you can see. This makes for a very relaxing day out for all ages.With many activities to do here such as, Punting on the Lake or Garden Explorer and many more, you should definitely come and check these out. This is also a great place to provide you with a stunning backdrop for your wedding.If you find yourself looking to organise wedding guest transportation services then are well equiped to be able to support your big day!


5 Great Tourist Attractions in Manchester

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With a wealth of attractions that attracts millions of visitors from all over each year, Manchester is home to many great tourist attractions. With so much to do in the Manchester Area, and that it is a very popular destination for tourist, here are our 5 Great Tourist Attractions in Manchester. If you need to arrange transport then look at booking group bus hire with a driver. The friendly team at are always on hand to assist you.

Royal Botanic Gardens

With another mention in this blog, you can see how this venue is really popular year in year out. WIth the most spectacular gardens in Manchester it attracts so many tourists each year. It is rated as number one on TripAdvisor for attractions in Manchester. If you're here later in the evening, why not check out the moonlight cinema!

Manchester Cricket Ground

As talked about before, the sporting events that Manchester Cricket Ground has to offer are fantastic for sports fans. Being one of United Kingdom’s top sports stadiums, some of the events that are held here, are hosted by some of the world’s best bands. And they too have played here at the MCG.

Highlights of Manchester Cruise

This is the best way to see everything that Manchester has to offer when you take the opportunity to see Highlights of Manchester Cruise down the Yarra River. It is a great way for finding out more about the city and its great attractions.

Shrine of Remembrance

Located in Kings Domain on St Kilda Road is a memorial to the men and women of Victoria who service in the World War I, but is it now a memorial to all United Kingdoms who have served in any war. The Shrine of Remembrance is Manchester’s iconic landmark and provides all visitors an insight into the history of war.

They also hold exhibitions and educational programs you can attend whether you are part of a school program or if you are visiting on your own.

Yarra Valley Wine Tours

When visiting United Kingdom, your trip can’t be complete without visiting a Yarra Valley Wine Tour. The wineries Manchester have to offer are some of the best in the country and even if you are not a big wine lover there are many attractions along the way. Some of the tours even have museums and provide plenty of stories around the history of the winemaking business


5 Best Corporate Hotels in Manchester

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There is nothing better than after a long day of tourist attractions and visiting local amenities, than putting your head down on your pillow and giving yourself plenty of rest for the next day. In Manchester, there are plenty of hotels to choose from, whether you are staying the one night or a week. So, to help you we have provided our 5 Best Corporate Hotels in Manchester.

Are you arriving by plane? Or are you staying over to watch the local sports? Whatever the occasion, you can rely on a friendly and professional group transport in Manchester to assist you on your travels.

The Langham

Being one of Manchester’s finest corporate hotels, if you stay here you can witness the beautiful views of the Yarra River within a luxurious environment. Included in The Langham is an award-winning spa, indoor pool and fitness centre. It is only a small journey from the Tullamarine Airport and isn’t too far from all the attractions.

The Blackman - Art Series

If you are here on a business trip or attending a conference, The Blackman is located very close to the business district and it is a very popular choice for business trips. Charles Blackman’s artwork is available on display, so for all you art lovers this hotel in Manchester is for you. This five star hotel is a fantastic choice.

Park Hyatt

The Park Hyatt has been voted the number two hotel across United Kingdom and New Zealand. It is a five star luxury hotel includes a Spa, top class restaurant and an excellent business conference facilities. Perhaps being voted number two, it is great for international visitors here on business, and you can see why.

Being only 13 miles from the airport it is also conveniently close to all the restaurants, bars and shops.

Crown Towers

This fantastic hotel provides you with a high-class service and fantastic facilities. The Crown Towers is popular for both business and leisure customers as there is a wide range of rooms to choose from. This five star hotel offers great spa facilities which includes a vitality pool to help you relax after a hard day of meetings or shopping trips. You need to find out about the vitality pool!


Ideal for business trips and events, The Adelphi Hotel in Manchester provides you with a large boardroom with all the latest technology such as Apple TV with airplay for your meeting or conference.

Included with the brilliant Adelphi Hotel, is a rooftop pool deck. This is where you can enjoy all the views and the outdoors whilst swimming up at the top.


4 Best Winery Tours in Manchester

bus hire manchester rent service cheap price hire driver Dominique Portet Winery Oakridge Coldstream Tarrawarra Adelphi Crown Towers Park Hyatt LanghamThe Blackman


Just on the outskirts of Manchester, is home to some of the region’s exquisite vineyards and winery tours. With a selection of venues, it can make your decision difficult to make.

Whether you are looking at visiting the Wineries of Yarra Valley, or the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Macedon and Sunbury wine regions. All to choose from. To give you some inspiration, here are our 4 Best Winery Tours in Manchester.

You will definitely need some transport arranged in advance for your winery tour. So, why not book one of the best winery tour group transport in Manchester.

Tarrawarra Estate

Come down to the Tarrawarra Estate, have a walk through the stunning grounds, taste the Yarra Valley wines at the Cellar Door and take a seat at the restaurant for a spot of lunch. The Cellar Door is an Alice in Wonderland style cellar as it is built into the hill and is partly underground. The Tarrawarra Estate is a must have fine dining experience.

Coldstream Hills

Located in the Yarra Valley in one of United Kingdom’s cool climate wine regions, 50 km north-east of Manchester, near the town of Coldstream. Coldstream Hills is renowned for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but has a more varied selection at the winery.

Oakridge Wines

Oakridge Wines is a family owned Yarra Valley winery, restaurant and cellar door and has been established since 1978. Set in the upper Yarra Valley region, Oakridge Wines is an award winning winery and an internationally recognised name. With sensational views and wall-to-wall windows, this has on of the best panoramic views in the region.

Dominique Portet Winery

With a Mediterranean atmosphere and with views into the workings of the vineyards and winery, is Dominique Portet Winery which is located in the Yarra Valley region. With stunning scenery and a wide variety of excellent wines, you can also have a sport of lunch whilst on your visit.

If you want to read more about the winery tours in the Yarra Valley then check out our latest blog on Winery Tours Of The Yarra Valley.


3 Brilliant Ideas for Team Building in Manchester

bus hire manchester rent service cheap price hire driver Dominique Portet Winery Oakridge Coldstream Tarrawarra Adelphi Crown Towers Park Hyatt LanghamThe Blackman

With any business to be successful, the importance of team building is something that needs to be applied to any business. As not only it will improve engagement within the team but also it gives your colleagues and opportunity to understand people better and develop strong working relationships.

If you need some help on choosing what to do to enhance your team building day out, we have provided you with our 3 Brilliant Ideas for Team Building in Manchester. If you are in the Manchester area or you are wanting to travel to Manchester for these brilliant team building trips, then why not organise your travel arrangements by choosing a low cost, reliable bus hire with a driver in Manchester.

Outdoor Adventures

If your team spends a lot of time in the office then having something prepared for them to get out into the open air can be very beneficial. There are so many outdoor adventures to choose from, and not only are these enjoyable but also provide you great team building benefits.

Whether you are looking for Kayaking, Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Caving or Rafting Manchester Adventure Hub can provide all of these fantastic activities for you.

So, what are you wanting for?

Amazing Race

The TV series The Amazing Race is a show where the contestants are split up into team and face a number of challengers. Here is Manchester CBD, Team Building Made Easy are doing just that and it is the only true and original amazing race in Manchester that is as authentic as possible to the TV series.

The Amazing Race has been designed so that there is flexibility in terms of starting points, which makes this highly enjoyable and allows your team to work together and try win the race.

Guinness World Records Team Challenge

Be Challenged offers your business the opportunity to test your team at breaking records which are held by the Guinness World Records themselves. However there are official guidelines for teams to consider and practice so it is like the real thing.

The top teams will then go to the final round and they will have an official attempt at the world record.

Do you want to be a world record holder with the Guinness World Records?

This is one activity that is highly recommended!

If we have missed anything out and you would like to include anything else, whether it is an attraction, day out or winery you have visited, let us know.

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