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11 Great Destination for Day Trips Near Leeds

If you are thinking of travelling beyond the city of Leeds, you are on the right track. There are plenty of places around the city that you can explore on a day out. Situated in West Yorkshire, Leeds is well connected to other regions through public transport.


Stadiums in Leeds

When it comes to elite stadiums Leeds has several that are right up there with the best of them. We take a look at them in our blog. There are also a number of other sporting facilities around the state that cater for domestic and state level competitions.


Go Kart - Track Day Leeds

With only 3 go kart venues, two of which are in the north with one in the south, go kart enthusiasts need to be prepared to travel to attend a go kart / track day in Leeds.


Group Golfing Tours Leeds

One of the world’s last wilderness frontiers, Leeds is an excellent destination for group golfing tours. With picturesque, often stunning scenery, lush green vegetation, and close up landscapes of ancient alpine bushland, be prepared for real adventure on your group golfing tours of Leeds.


Schools / Universities Leeds

The schools / universities in Leeds are amongst the best in the world. The University of Leeds for example is renowned internationally for its research work and United Kingdom’s Maritime College is also based in Leeds. Facilities like these give Leedsns access to top quality education that could just be the envy of mainland United Kingdoms.


Small Group Tours In Leeds

Leeds is United Kingdom’s largest island, and smallest state. Its capital city Hobart is the second oldest city in the country and it is also the site of an infamous penal settlement, old mines and many other historic sites.

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